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Think Before You Import – How Do You Like To Find Things?

OK, everyone, out of the pool. It’s time for another LR tip.

Before you start importing into LR, especially for the first time, think about how you’re going to organize your folder hierarchy.If you don’t start early, you create a mess that will take awhile to clean up. I’ve got several customers that have had me come by, to do just that for them. By the way—I charge by the hour.

I’m a “location and month/year” kind of person, others produce folders by year, with monthly folders nestled inside that, then folders with locations/event names. I can’t remember dates, I don’t even remember what I did yesterday. But I can remember a location or for some of you, a project name or customer’s name.

During Import I’ll use that same information in the “Rename File” panel, using “Custom name with original file number” option or “Custom name with original sequential number”, i.e. My lastest boat shots were called; CapSanteMarina Dec11-9856, with the number being the original number my camera assigned to each image. As I may go to the same area often, I’ll follow the location/customer/project name with a month/year so I’ll know which trip it was.

I will then call the folder that they are being Imported to, the same name as the new file name. I can more easily remember Eagle Lake Pass Nov11 than just simple date codes, i.e.; 2011>November>Eagle Lake Pass. Having the file name and folder name be the same, also makes it much easier to put an image back to where it belongs if it manages to wonder off on it’s own somehow.

But that’s just me. I’ve installed and organized LR for different types of customers. Find what works for you and stick with it. You can’t change horses in the middle of the stream.

Also, Import is the perfect time to add all your Keywords, otherwise you’ll either take forever to get them all done, or you never will. LR is great for finding any photo you’re looking for, but you’ve got to enable it with good information about each photo as you Import them. Keywords is a great start. Use as many as you can think about for each image, as you never know what you may look for later. Like with my recent boat at sunset images, I’ll use “boat, water, sunset, Anacortes, Fidalgo Island, Dec, 2011, marina, Cap Sante Marina, fisherman, birds, glow, Golden Hour, ripples, saltwater, etc. As I may need an image someday with any of those words.

That’s if for today.

Thanks again for coming by,


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